Improving access to AI for persons with disabilities: an innovative project for the implementation of the Declaration

The HAND-AI project: Artificial Intelligence without Barriers – Inclusion and Equity for Persons with Disabilities has received funding of $13,276 under the 2023-2024 EDI call for projects of the Montréal Declaration on Responsible AI.

The project is co-led by Muriel Mac-Seing and Jean Noel Nikiema, both assistant Professors at the Université de Montréal’s School of Public Health. It aims to study the extent to which AI systems are accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs) and to develop the sharing of AI knowledge for and by PWDs. A trans-disciplinary approach will be adopted to carry out this work, with consultation of a wide range of stakeholders, including PWDs organizations. Ultimately, the project aims to identify priorities for making AI more accessible and adapted for persons with disabilities.

This project is part of an effort to implement the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion outlined in the Montréal Declaration. The first outcomes are expected by the summer of 2024.

Muriel Mac-Seing & Jean Noel Nikiema