Two innovative projects for the implementation of the Montréal Declaration

Two projects led by researchers at the Université de Montréal (UdeM) will receive funding under the 2023 call for projects of the Montréal Declaration for the responsible development of AI.

The call for projects, launched in January 2023, aims to implement and operationalize the Montréal Declaration’s principles of diversity, inclusion and equity (DI&E).

AI UX Inclusive Protocol for the co-production of data for a responsible AI ($30,000 funding)

The team led by Shin Koseki, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Planning at UdeM and UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape, will develop a data co-production protocol adapted to people for whom the use of digital interfaces is more difficult. The production of this tool is part of a broader programme aimed at the responsible development of AI algorithms to make public space more inclusive for all people in society.

Identifying and implementing best practice in inclusivity by design: Pilot testing with the development of the “Edge A-Eye” project ($15,000 funding)

The project, co-led by Joseph Paul Nemargut, Assistant Professor at the UdeM School of Optometry, and Bryn Williams-Jones, Full Professor at the UdeM School of Public Health, aims to develop an AI mobile application in collaboration with VMware to help people with visual impairments. The team will document and integrate best practices from the Declaration into the project. The resulting model will be made sustainable for future AI projects.

The awarding of these funds underlines the excellence of the two selected projects, their interdisciplinary approach, their use of the co-construction method, and their concrete and beneficial impact on the community. They are expected to end in autumn 2023.