Machine learning

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Machine learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that consists of programing an algorithm so that it can learn by itself. The various techniques can be classified into three major types of machine learning:

    1. In supervised learning, the artificial intelligence system (AIS) learns to predict a value from entered data. This requires annotated entry-value couples during training. For example, a system can learn to recognize an object featured in a picture ;
    2. In unsupervised learning, AIS learns to find similarities among data that hasn’t been annotated, for example in order to divide them into various homogeneous partitions. A system can thereby recognize communities of social media users;
    3. Through reinforcement learning, AIS learns to act on its environment in order to maximize the reward it receives during training. This is the technique through which AIS was able to beat humans in the game of Go or the videogame Dota2.